Thursday, March 31, 2011

A New Friend

Hooray for Spring! 

The past two days I have ventured out to parks with the kids for an afternoon break.  What a surprise to meet a beautiful young girl with Down syndrome (6 years old) playing at the exact same parks both days.  Yesterday, Gwen (almost 5) was playing off on her own and didn't get a chance to meet or play with the little girl, but today she did.  What a lovely and pure friendship to witness.  No questions, just two girls playing in the park.  Watching those girls running around, going down the slides (over and over!), blowing bubbles and swinging side by side, you would have thought they had been friends for years.  I was struck by how freely our children give their love and friendship to others.  I could see Luke in 6 years playing on the playground with a new friend and that was refreshing.  For whatever reason I have been struggling this week, and Gwen helped me to see beyond my own fears.

The best part for Gwen? A new friend. 
The best part for me?  Seeing acceptance.

Gwen - Thank you for being Luke's hero (and mine) without even knowing it. 


  1. A beautiful posting, Claire. I read it three times!

  2. Aaahhhh........a tear-jerker for sure.

  3. I wondered when you'd tell that story on your blog. I'm proud of you.



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