Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Swing

 I'm not sure if it's for the kids or for me ... but the swing is up!  These pictures make it look like we put it up for the kids, but I'm pretty sure I  have clocked as much time (or more) than Colin or Gwen.


Two on a swing, and one on a blanket.  It won't be long before we will be figuring out how to get all three of them on the swing together!

Secrets between a brother and sister ...  I'll never know what they were talking about, but it's these moments that bond them as brother and sister.  When I watch the two of them together I know that Luke is going to be taken care of.  They are going to be his team.  I just know it.  
"Team Luke."

Oh, to be a child again and experience this...
Swing, swing swing swing.
I sit on my throne, and I feel like a King.
Swing, swing, swing, swing.
Goodbye to the earth, I'm a bird on the wing!


  1. Claire, you find the extraordinary in the ordinary. That's a gift!

  2. Love love love love love!!!! Thanks for sharing Claire!

  3. Beautiful pictures and words! Thanks for sharing these wonderful moments Claire.

  4. Claire, I am enjoying your perspectives on mothering. Great reminders for me. Thank you for sharing!!!

  5. My dad put up a simple board and rope swing up when we moved into our house. I can't tell you the countless hours my kids have played and laughed on it. Its pure childhood bliss (at least until someone fall off and gets wacked in the face with it ;)

  6. Ann (Pickart) KleinJuly 25, 2011 at 6:56 PM

    Claire and family,
    I discovered your blog through my mom and I am blown away by how your words touch my heart! I read all of your posts and I am full of goosebumps and tears the whole time. You have a beautiful family and it shows through your words and pictures. Thanks you for sharing your thoughts, feelings, and love with the rest of us. We just got married and "plan" to start our family very soon. I have learned so much from the things you have written and look forward to all those experiences you talk about.
    Thanks again and keep 'em coming! God bless you and your whole family.


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