Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Catch up ...

Well, hello fellow readers!  It's been a while since I've had a chance to sit down and write.  Today is no different.  Luke is playing on the floor next to me as I write this post, and Colin and Gwen are at the campground with Nana and Papa waiting for me to come and join them for supper. 
(Mostly I'm going for the smores!)

The past few weeks have been busy with food.  Growing.  Freezing.  Canning.  Feeding (Luke).  And of course - eating!  The empty jars from winter are filling up again, and the freezer is once again a treasure of food waiting for colder weather.

We are holding onto the last days of summer, and enjoying our beautiful town.

I haven't been doing this photography thing very long - but just going to Dunning Springs in Decorah is inspiration enough for anyone.

Believe it or not, this is not the first time time Colin has been naked in public this summer.  I just happened to have the camera in hand this time!

My little girl is growing up.  I have seen a change in her eyes this summer.  That look of understanding.  That look of determination.  That look of wanting to finish an ice cream cone before it melts.

 Luke can crawl, if only his body would let him.  Every once in a while his gets his knees up under and launches himself forward.  He knows what he wants to do, but his body keeps getting in the way.  Still, he manages to get around with rolling, pivoting and reaching really, really far!  He's quite a guy. 

In Colin's words,  "Love Luke." 

What else can you do with a face like this? 

Luke is now in my lap ... time to go ...


  1. Our 2 days with your family in Decorah were the highlight of the summer. Your family is so beautiful, inside and out. Great pictures. Thanks for sharing them!

  2. Claire, what a great post. Ben, my 3 year old, walked by as I was laughing at the first photo of Colin by Dunning Spring (so cute!). He said, "Hey, that little boy forgot his clothes!" ;)

  3. Beautiful post, Claire--wonderful pictures that capture the innocence of childhood. What blessings!


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